The first video, Google Hyperlapse shows a smart new function of Google Maps. Select two locations and a point of view, and you can see the entire route as if you were ‘timelapsing’ a car trip. From the Web to the classical instruments, where Sonicare – 5000 Years tells the story of the toothbrush and its development over the centuries. Back to digital. The Iphone has a new app, Rando, that let’s users send pictures to random people. Check out the very nice animated The tale of a Rando. EMI: Insight is a nice animation about how the record company works. And finally we have A Year And A Day, a very nice animation with all sorts of products, which you’ll understand when you know its context; each selection represents a Beastie Boys track. Can you find out which one? (in the video comments you can find the answers) Google Street View Hyperlapse
Try it yourself! (it works best when you use a straight route). Sonicare – 5000 Years
The tale of a Rando
EMI: Insight
A Year And A Day