From speed caught in a frame we go to the newest Pogo blend on film classic Pulp Fiction. You will never say what again. Followed by a story of monsters and mythical figures in the music video for ‘Of Monsters and Men’. In the fourth video a jolly bunch of Estonian family celebrated the longest day of the year. Look at the details and try to unravel the way this video is made. We wrap up our top 5 with the video ‘Coalition of the willing’ a video that underpins our serious side. But! Last but not least, this week we have something extra, something extraordinary and yet so simple. We asked ourselves, what happens when you take the Trololo out of the Trololo? Watch and be amazed.

The Marmalade  

Lead Breakfast


Of monsters and men




Coalition of the willing


What happens when you take the Trololo out of the Trololo