Video Top 5: Funny Characters

There are several things that can be funny about a character. Such as its appearance, facial expressions, motion and sound effects. Funny characters can be very useful to brighten up your animation and help telling your (maybe not so bright?) story. But you need to know when you can or can’t use them. For example: using funny characters in an animation about a serious subject can be big turnoff for the viewer. We collected five animations that give a good example on how to use funny characters. Enjoy!

Video top 5: Funny characters

Video Top 5: Power of Repetition

This Video Top 5 is about the power of repetition. Repetition can be powerful. With repetition comes recognition, which makes things easier for you to remember. Repetition in animation can occur in form or color, but also in sound or storyline.

Video top 5: Power of repetition

Video Top 5: Christmas Greetings

Our favorite animated season’s greetings

The holidays are coming and just around the corner… are your Christmas cards ready? You could prepare them in the old-fashioned way using stationary and handwriting. Or take it up a notch and animate your seasonal greetings! Hence the theme of the week: Christmas greetings.
These 5 animations are our timeless favorites.

Video top 5: Christmas greetings

Video Top 5: Animated Music Video

Another Video Top 5 is here. This week we’ve got our groove on, because it’s all about animated music videos. Check out the amazing, weird and wonderful animations for Weird Al Yankovic, Meneo, Zebbler, MNEK and Future.

Video top 5: Animated music video

Video Top 5: A Whole World of Animated Commercials

A new Video Top 5 just got in! This time we cover some special commercials. We’ve covered commercials before, but this week’s theme is all about the million different ways to animate a product and make it into a commercial. For this week’s Top 5, we’ve chosen five unique styles that cover five very different products. Which style is your favourite?

Video top 5: A whole world of animated commercials

Stage van Ivo Duits

De afgelopen vijf maanden heb ik, als illustratie student van Willem de Kooning Academie, stage gelopen bij in60seconds. In deze stageperiode heb ik niet alleen aan commerciele projecten mogen werken – zoals infographics, storyboards en visual designs – maar ik heb ook de mogelijkheid gekregen om elke week 20 uur te besteden aan een zelf geformuleerde opdracht.

Stage Ivo Duits

Sounddesign maakt of kraakt je boodschap

Iedere animator kent het wel: Je hebt een prachtige animatie gemaakt, maar wat te doen met het geluid? Je zoekt op internet voor wat leuke geluidjes en een min of meer passend muziekje. Eigenlijk ben je best tevreden, maar je weet ook dondersgoed dat je er meer uit had kunnen halen… Voor de animatoren die hun animatie graag naar “the next level” zouden willen trekken, ben ik als onderdeel van mijn stageproject op zoek gegaan naar iemand die mij daar wel eens bij zou kunnen helpen.

Sounddesign maakt of kraakt je boodschap 01

Stage Maud van den Elzen

Ik ben Maud van den Elzen en de afgelopen vier maanden heb ik stage mogen lopen bij in60seconds. Hier heb ik meegewerkt aan projecten van in60seconds en daarnaast mijn eigen opdracht uitgevoerd.

Stage Maud van Elzen 02

Trend in motion graphics: Simplified outlined shapes

We love to share our creative work and we love to observe the work of others around us. We cannot help but be shaped by this to some extent. These influences lead to trends in every creative field, with motion graphics being no exception, for example the geometric & circle animations, or the liquid motion trend.

Trend: simpliefied oultine shapes

Video Top 5: Christmas spirit

Christmas is almost here! We’ve selected five videos with Christmas spirit.
A weird Christmas carol, some adorable Knit creatures and a Christmas greeting from Chuck!

Video top 5: Christmas spirit

Trend in motion graphics: Liquid motion!

In motion graphics you can always spot trends (call it copycats or being inspired, whatever you prefer). After the popular geometric & circle animations, since a year there are more and more animations turning up in which organic shapes transform in a liquid way.

Video top 5: Trend Liquid Motion

Top 5: Work

For this Video Top 5 we’ve collected a number of video’s about the working life, all in a different way.

Video top 5: Work

Video Top 5: Dumb Ways to Die

Getting toast out of the toaster with a fork, taking your helmet off in space, eating superglue or keeping a rattlesnake for a pet. These are just a few examples featured in Dumb Ways to Die, a great animation filled with loveable (but stupid) characters, a catchy theme song, and above all a strong message and a dark sense of humor. The combination of all these elements works perfectly and that’s why it’s our number one clip this week.

Video top 5: Dumb ways to die

Subsidie voor onderzoek infographics

De Stichting Innovatie Alliantie kent drie ton euro subsidie toe aan de Kenniskring Crossmediale Kwaliteitsjournalistiek voor het onderzoeksproject over infographics Every Picture Tells a Story. Infographics zijn kortgezegd informatieve illustraties, van weerkaartjes tot user-interfaces. in60seconds is onderdeel van het consortium dat sturing geeft aan het onderzoek.