Video Top 5: Explanimations

This Weekly Top 5 is about ‘explanimations’, a term we introduced. We collected some ‘explanimations’ that uses beautiful illustrations and animations to clarify, explain or promote. Enjoy!

Video top 5: Explanimations

Video Top 5: Paper

Paper, we use it every day. But you can use paper in so much more ways than just in print or writing. Paper is a very diverse material. You can use it in endless ways, which goes for both 2D and 3D animation aswell. Cut, tear, paint or wrinkle your paper. Make a stop-motion out of it or move the paper in front of the camera. Or combine it with other types of animation to make a hybrid. This weeks top five is all about animation and paper, see for yourself how these animators make the most of this technique.

Video top 5: Paper

Video Top 5: Geometry

This Weekly Top 5 is about animations with a geometric design. Although you may have been tormented by geometry in school, this mathematical system has its purposes in graphic and motion graphic design. When geometry is used correctly, the lines, curves, rectangles, circles and triangles are well measured. They begin to ‘feel right’. It is a tricky technique to use in an animation, but well worth it if you do it right. We collected some examples of geometry used in a right way. Have a look!

Video top 5: Geometry

Video Top 5: Animals

This weekly top 5 is about animals! For centuries animals have been used to tell stories. A good example is the fable. In a fable an animal plays the lead role and it possesses human characteristics. This gives the story a different meaning or point of view.

Video top 5: Animals

Video Top 5: Funny Characters

There are several things that can be funny about a character. Such as its appearance, facial expressions, motion and sound effects. Funny characters can be very useful to brighten up your animation and help telling your (maybe not so bright?) story. But you need to know when you can or can’t use them. For example: using funny characters in an animation about a serious subject can be big turnoff for the viewer. We collected five animations that give a good example on how to use funny characters. Enjoy!

Video top 5: Funny characters

Video Top 5: Mixed Media

This week we talk about Mixed Media. Mixing different types of media and animation styles can bring fresh, new and surprising results. A well-known example is the television series “The Amazing World of Gumball” by French-British animator Ben Bocquelet. In this series, Bocquelet blends different techniques and styles which make for a refreshing outcome.

Video top 5: Mixed Media

Video Top 5: Outlines

Another Monday, another Weekly Top 5! This week, we take a look at animations using graphics with outlines. If this style is used correctly, outlines can clarify the appearance of objects and characters in your animation. It also makes your animation much more interesting for the eye of the beholder. We collected five inspiring videos filled with objects and characters in an outline style. Enjoy!

Video top 5: Outlines

Video Top 5: Handmade Textures

This week it’s all about giving your vector based animation an old school look by using hand made textures and details. Textures can give a vector based animation a whole new dimension and a different feeling. Using handmade details like leaves or little ornaments, your animation can look more alive.

Video top 5: Handmade textures

Video Top 5: Flat 3D Elements

This Weekly Top 5 is about animations with flat 3D elements, a popular style these days. The 3D style is often used in combination with 2D elements. The animated objects have very little detail, which makes them easy for the eye to look at. The elements move in 3D space, but still have a 2D feel. This gives your animation a surprising and energetic look and feel. We collected a few animations which uses this 3D technique. Enjoy!

Video top 5: flat 3D elements

Video Top 5: Power of Repetition

This Video Top 5 is about the power of repetition. Repetition can be powerful. With repetition comes recognition, which makes things easier for you to remember. Repetition in animation can occur in form or color, but also in sound or storyline.

Video top 5: Power of repetition

Video Top 5: New Title Sequences

A title sequence can often be the most important part of a movie or tv-show. They set the mood for what is coming. It is the first impression the audience gets, so it better be a good one. We collected 5 inspiring title sequences. See for yourself and enjoy!

Video top 5: Title Sequences

Video Top 5: Colorful

This Video Top 5 is about colorful animations. Colors are one of the most important things of an animation and there are many ways to use them. We collected 5 colorful videos. Enjoy!

Video top 5: Colourful

Video Top 5: Cheerful

A new Video Top 5 just got in! There are these videos you see, you just start to smile. Sometimes it’s because of funny characters, comical movements or amusing music. We collected a few videos to cheer up your day!

Video top 5: Cheerful

Video Top 5: Stop motion

This weeks theme is stop-motion video’s. Stop-motion is a frame by frame technique. This means that each movement is made frame by frame. The technique is almost as old as film itself, but is far from old-fashioned! We collected five stop-motion video’s which all differ in technique or used material. Enjoy!

Video top 5: Stop motion

Video Top 5: Christmas Greetings

The holidays are knocking on the door…are your christmas cards ready? Prepare them in the old-fashioned way using stationary and handwriting, or take it up a notch and animate your seasonal greetings! Hence the theme of the week: Christmas greetings.

Video top 5: Christmas greetings

Video Top 5: Grainy Textures

This week’s theme is grainy textures. Grainy textures give an old, dirty or damaged feel to a video, suggesting it to be old-fashioned or hand-made. The combination of grainy textures with minimalistic design is a popular one these days.

Video top 5: Grainy textures

Video Top 5: New Corporate Stories

A new Video Top 5 just got in! It’s all about corporate storytelling. Using storytelling techniques, a company communicates its identity and brand. A unique way of connecting with the consumer. We collected a few inspiring examples!

Video top 5: Corporate stories

Video Top 5: KLIK! Festival

If we talk about cartoons, stop-motion animations and 3D productions then we are talking about last weeks KLIK! Animation Festival 2014 at the EYE Film Institute! KLIK! is an annual event with the best contemporary international animated shorts that has been bringing animation to wide audiences.

Video top 5: Klik festival

Video Top 5: Augmented Reality

A new Video Top 5 is coming in for you! The theme is Augmented Reality! AR is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input. Check it out and get impressed!

Video top 5: Aguamented reality

Video Top 5: Fantastic Drama

Another Video Top 5 just got in! Check out this theme about Fantastic drama. Fantastic drama is a kind of speculative fiction like science fiction, fantasy and horror that uses a dramatic form. We’ve selected 5 impressive videos from ‘Gobelins’. Gobelins is the French pioneer school in digital communication and interactive design. Enjoy!

Video top 5: Fantastic drama

Video Top 5: Title Sequences

Here it is again, our Video top 5! It’s all about original and impressive title sequences. This list shows a wide array of theme music, imagery, moods and effects. Enjoy!

Video top 5: Title sequence

Video Top 5: Das Handy

A new Video Top 5 just got in! It’s all about inspiring and useful apps for mobile or tablet. You want to capture your creative moments or make easy money? An app that helps you monitor and manage your energy consumption? Then check it out now!

Video top 5: Das handy

Video Top 5: An original score

We’re back with another Video Top 5 and we’re looking at different unique and original scores used in animations and animated short films. We’ve selected five animations with an interesting and sometimes even original score!

Video top 5: An original score

Video Top 5: Behind the Project

Here’s another Video Top 5 to keep you going! This week we’re looking at behind-the-scenes, time-lapses and making-ofs that give you a unique opportunity to see how these incredible projects came to exist. Whether you’re interested in stop-motion animation or really wanted to see how the cool Rice Krispies Dinosaur advert was made, we’ve got it all in this week’s Weekly Top 5 (we’ve even included a short documentary about Grandpa the Pixel Painter). Check it out!

Video top 5: Behind the project

Video Top 5: Animated Music Video

Another Video Top 5 is here. This week we’ve got our groove on, because it’s all about animated music videos. Check out the amazing, weird and wonderful animations for Weird Al Yankovic, Meneo, Zebbler, MNEK and Future.

Video top 5: Animated music video

Video Top 5: Storytime

It’s time for another Video Top 5. We’re looking at different kinds of animations that tells us stories. These videos all cleverly combine animation and narration to tell interesting mini-tales of nacho chips, babies on Wall Street, the little spoiled girl named Greece and a tired tire. To top it off we present The Story of a Story, which is, essentially, a story about the creation of a(n animated) story. So settle down and get ready for storytime!

Video top 5: Storytime

Video Top 5: All Natural

In this Video Top 5 we focus on the natural side of life, with three videos that have gone all au naturel. And there are two dog animations, just because we can and should share them with you. Ready for some inspiration?

Video top 5: All natural

Video Top 5: A Matter of Life and Death

This Video top 5 includes animations that are all about life and death, and even life after death! This includes all you need to know about surviving being a zombie, a feeling of belonging all over the world and superhero condoms to keep you safe. And yes, we consider World Cup football goals as a matter of life and death, too!

Video top 5: A matter of life and death

Video Top 5: A Whole World of Animated Commercials

A new Video Top 5 just got in! This time we cover some special commercials. We’ve covered commercials before, but this week’s theme is all about the million different ways to animate a product and make it into a commercial. For this week’s Top 5, we’ve chosen five unique styles that cover five very different products. Which style is your favourite?

Video top 5: A whole world of animated commercials