Trend in motion graphics: The thin line

Another spotted trend in motion design is the usage of a remarkable thin line, used as an outline of simple shapes, and as extra decoration lines.

Sometimes the outline is a little bit shifted from its fill shape. Most of the time the design in this style contains a single stroke, non-scalable line weight.
The lines are often animated as if they are drawn: growing and then shrinking again, changing in other lines.
This single thin line usage gives the animations a clean, modest and elegant style. If used a sketchy, hand drawn like line, it creates a handicraft feeling, while using a straight vector line can suggest a more iconic, businesslike style.

Influences may come from icon systems that used already a non-scalable line weight to provide consistency.
Also you could compare this style a bit with the illustrations of modernist Charley Harper, who also used thin lines and geometric shapes. And because of these lines and shapes, in a way it also has some comparison with the ’50 style cartoon modern.

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  1. Mohamed Sami

    Dear 60 seconds guys :)
    This is Mohamed from Egypt, illustrator/Animator.
    I really Love your work very much, and was wondering if you can refer me to any source that gives directions on working on “Adobe after effects” using illustrator files to achieve such a clean cut sharp victor moving lines and shapes.

    M Sami